Private German International School - DEUTSCHE SCHULE RIGA

The Deutsche Schule Riga (DSR) is a private international school located in the center of Riga, Latvia (Dzirnavu iela 16). Students attending our private school learn German, English, and either Latvian or Russian. Already operating today (school year 2018/2019) are the kindergarten section and the first and second grades of the international elementary school. The 3rd grade class will open on 2 September 2019 (school year 2019/20). Each subsequent year the next higher grade will be added. Ultimately the DSR intends to offer complete grades K-12. Graduating students shall be offered the possibility to obtain the Abitur (German high school diploma) and/or the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program. The IB program will require English language instruction for 60% of the curricula content in grades 11 and 12.

Our class sizes are limited to a maximum of 18 students (teacher-student ration of 1:18). Daily instruction takes place from 08:30 till 15:30, followed by optional additional educational activities or the possibility to remain at the school until 18:30 while completing homework in a supervised environment.

For the coming school year of 2019/20 the Deutsche Schule Riga (DSR) accepts 1st , 2nd, and  3rd grade students of all nationalities in the ages of 5-9 (children born in 2009-13). We recommend for five year old students to attend our kindergarten (pre-school) section, however, the DSR, in accordance with Latvian law, will consider talented 5 year old students for enrollment into 1st grade as long as the child turns six during the calendar year of 2019. The 2nd and 3rd grades are normally only open to students sufficiently proficient in German. Enrolling 1st grade students too should already have a basic understanding of German, but for children without prior knowledge we offer a full-time preparatory language course 15 July-23 August 2019. Also available are individual lessons which could allow a talented student to catch up and integrate into class without causing disruptions.

The DSR main curricula content is delivered in German by teachers from Germany. The English, Latvian and Russian languages respectively taught by qualified native speakers from those countries. The DSR curricula is designed according to German educational standards, but the curricula also meets all Latvian standards mandated by Latvia's ministry of education. This allows parents of students who are Latvian residents to transfer their children anytime smoothly into a Latvian school at a later age if they so desire. In addition to English, the DSR is therefore offering four weekly hours of language instruction either in Latvian or Russian. Parents must choose between the following four options: Latvian language instruction for Latvian native speakers, Latvian as an additional language, Russian for Russian native speakers, or Russian as an additional language.